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Tansaro has a wide selection of colours to choose from. We make every effort to match your required colour for your special occasion. However, depending on the texture and type of fabric, there could be a slight variation in the final product. 

The world of fabrics is constantly changing and Tansaro may now always be highlighting the hundreds of variations of colours available. The purpose for the images on this web page are to showcase specific designs and can be created in the colour of your choice. If you find a design you love but require a different shade, you can find it here! Once you find the colour of your dreams, write down the code and note in your message to us! 

Once you've found the colour you desire, ensure to note the code and navigate to our colour request page and send us a message. Please ensure that you not only have the colour code you desire, but also the name of the design you are inquiring about. 

Please keep in mind that digital colours and physical colours can vary slightly by tint. If you have an exact colour you require, we strongly recommend that you visit a local fabric or dress shop to find your exact colour code and send us that code along with the name of the colour. If your colour code does not come from the charts we supplied, please ensure to let us know. 

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